Speaker Profile

Prof. Mahmoud Hassan Hanafy

Professor of Marine Biology


​I gained my first degree in general oceanography from the University of Alexandria. During1980s worked in different fields of research on aquaculture, including designing of fish farms, induce spawning of selective marine and freshwater species under laboratory and hatchery condition, production of mono-sex tilapia (sex reversal and cross breeding), natural food (rotifers & Artemia) and artificial feed for fish farming.

I began my career at the Suez Canal University since 1984, and completed my PhD through a channel between Suez Canal and Liverpool Universities (Port Erin Marine Laboratory) in 1993. During my career at the university (marine Science Department, Faculty of Science): my teaching is in the areas of marine biology, marine ecology, marine protected areas, ICZM, aquaculture and biostatistics for both undergraduate and graduate students; Oversaw more than 20 masters and Ph.D programs; Participated as key member or team leader in many university related research projects; as well as, published over 100 scientific and technical studies.

Over 30 years practical experience in marine environmental investigations, planning, baseline surveys, monitoring programs, training programs, environmental management and fish farming. Community consultation, preparing and implementing plans for managing marine protected and leaded numerous Environmental Impact Assessment (EIAs) for many project (tourism, harbors, and aquaculture). During my career joined 26 environmental research and management projects, included 21 projects on the natural resources of the Red Sea

For two decades most of my attention was paid to the conservation of the Red Sea included: worked as scientific advisor for the Red Sea Governor (2000-2013) for conservation, sustainable development and Protected Areas affairs; leaded the declaration and set up three new protected areas in the Egyptian Red Sea; Worked as chief scientist for one of the most active NGO, HEPCA (www.hepca.org), worked as general supervisor of the Red sea protectorates; and consultant of the Minister of Environment advisor (2014-now) for nature conservation affairs; joined 21 out of 26 management and research projects on the Egyptian marine resources of the Red Sea marine environment funded by local, regional and international organizations as expert/team leader/manager

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