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Mr. Yasser M. Kattan

Senior Environmental Consultant –Environmental Protection Department, Saudi Aramco


Mr. Kattan is a Senior Environmental Consultant with a 30 year of experience in the field of marine protection for Saudi Aramco operations in both the Arabian Sea and the Red Sea. He is a Board Director member of Petroleum Environmental Research Forum, and Ex-President of the Environmental Technology Managing Association (ETMA), Saudi Arabian Section of Air & Waste Management Association, and members of several National Marine Protection Committees. He was managing KAUST/Woods Hole Oceanographic Intuition collaborative research in the Red Sea during the establishment of KAUST and part of Saudi Aramco research team seconded to the University. Now, he is the champion of Saudi Aramco Marine Research Studies at KAUST which started in 2013. Mr. Kattan, has work experience with Florida Department of Environmental Protection in Tallahassee, Fl, Aramco Services Company of Houston, TX, and KAUST Global Collaboration Research Team in Boston, MA. Mr. Kattan have several years of experience in Biotoxicity, Ecology, Costal Zoe Management, Environmental Impact Assessments, oil Spill impacts, and he is leading several Cooperate Biodiversity Initiatives of Saudi Aramco.