Q: How do I register for ICMERS 2016?

A: The conference is restricted to those who have been selected to give an oral or poster presentation. Selected participants will have received a personalized email invitation with a link to register online. If you have received an acceptance email from us and have not yet received a link to register online, please contact us immediately at icmers2016@kaust.edu.sa

Q: I have submitted my registration for ICMERS 2016 online. Am I fully registered?

A: Online registration is the first part of the process. We will contact you to collect further identification documentation required to gain access to the KAUST campus.

Q: When is the last day to register?

A: Due to KAUST security protocols, participants need to register by 5pm on 25 August 2016. Following registration, you will be contacted by email to provide an e-copy of your government or residency document.

Q: Can I attend ICMERS 2016 without registering?

A: No. Due to KAUST security protocols, it is not possible to gain access to the campus without prior registration and confirmation that we have received the appropriate identification information from you. Please register in advance of the deadline to attend the event.


Q: May I take a taxi to KAUST?

A: Yes, but only taxis booked through KAUST Transportation can deliver you inside the full campus. Other taxis can only go as far as the Visitor Center near KAUST’s outer gate. We will be running a shuttle service from the Visitor Center to the conference. Additional information on booking a taxi will be posted soon.

Q: May I bring my personal vehicle to KAUST?

A: Yes, but please notify us in advance of your desire to drive to KAUST. We will need to collect information on your vehicle in advance of your arrival to allow you inside the gate.

Q: What transportation will be available at KAUST?

A: A shuttle service will run from the Visitor Center to the KAUST Inn and the conference venue. Additional information will be posted soon.


Q: Where can I stay for ICMERS 2016?

A: A block of rooms is available at the KAUST Inn inside KAUST. To make a reservation, please call +966 12 808 5390 and ask for a room in the ICMERS 2016 block. KAUST Inn will only accept reservations from those that have already registered online.

Q: Do I have to stay at the KAUST Inn?

A: No. You are free to choose your own accommodation. The closest hotel outside of KAUST is Bay La Sun Hotel at King Abdullah Economic City and may be reserved by calling +966 12 510 6400.


Q: Is there wifi available for conference delegates?

A: Wi-Fi will be accessible throughout the KAUST campus. You are strongly encouraged to bring a mobile device or ipad/tablet to access the bespoke ICMERS 2016 app.

Q: What is the weather like in November?

A: November at KAUST will be warm and likely pleasantly breezy, with possibly a chance of a rain shower. Smart casual attire is expected at the conference.

Q: Is there a place to access computing and printing facilities?

A: There will be small office near the main conference hall to assist with computer access and printing. The KAUST Library is open 24 hours and offers workstations and quiet space for work and study.

Q: What conference materials will be provided to delegates?

A: By October 2016, we will make a conference App available, which can be downloaded from GooglePlay or the Apple store. We encourage everyone to download this app that will have all conference details and up-to-date information in advance of and during the conference. When you arrive to KAUST in November 2016, you will receive a delegate pack with the program, a conference badge and a delegate bag.

Q: What publishing opportunities exist?

A: We invite all authors with accepted oral presentations to submit a paper for consideration by the open access journal Frontiers of Marine Science. More details regarding this opportunity will be shared in advance of the conference.

Q: What are the presentation guidelines for oral and poster presenters?

A: Guidelines will be sent to all presenters by mid-September 2016.